Aero Squadron

The Sheriff’s Aero Squadron is an all-volunteer group of qualified pilots and observers who provide airborne search and rescue support to the Sheriff as necessary to fulfill his law enforcement and public safety missions.  Originally formed in 1948, the Aero Squadron’s members come from all walks of life and professions and constantly practice their skills to ensure readiness when called upon with little to no advance notice.  Members donate their time, talent and in the case of its aircraft owners, use of those aircraft at no charge to San Luis Obispo County’s taxpayers.  With the service introduction of the Sheriff’s County-owned Cessna 182 in mid-2017, use of members’ privately owned aircraft will be minimized.

 If you are a qualified airplane or rotorcraft pilot and have a genuine interest in airborne search and rescue operations with a clean law enforcement record you may volunteer by first contacting Sgt. Leber at (805)781-4550.

 For more information about the Aero Squadron and their most recent activities this past year click here to access our Annual Report.