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Thursday 04/19/2012 4:13 PM - Location of Missing Person Daniel Akin

Contact: Aaron Nix
Phone: (805) 781-1423
Type of Incident: Location of Missing Person Daniel Akin
Date and Time of Incident: 04/19/12 1100 hours
Place of Occurrence: Eisenhower Medical Center, Rancho Mirage CA
Victim Information: Akin, Daniel 69 yoa, 5-10, 120, Grey/Blue, WMA
Suspect Information: N/A
Details of News Release: On 04/19/12 at approximately 1400 hours the Sheriff's Office was contacted by medical staff at the Eisenhower Medical Center in Rancho Mirage, California and advised they had located missing person Daniel Akin. They said Akin was found disoriented and asking for help at a gas station parking lot in Rancho Mirage this morning at 1100 hours. Members of the community on scene immediately called 911 for assistance, and an ambulance arrived a short time later to find Akin dehydrated and in an altered mental state. He was transported to the hospital for treatment, where he told staff he "went on a drive" and was unaware of how he got to the hospital or what city he was presently in. Akin was checked in to the hospital for observation and treatment and his family was contacted. Family members advised Sheriff's Deputies that arrangements are being made to pick up Akin and his vehicle from Rancho Mirage.

Prepared By: anix
Released: Thursday 04/19/2012 4:13 PM