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Tuesday 04/25/2023 5:49 PM - Teacher Arrested for Child Abuse

Contact: Grace Norris
Phone: (805) 781-4483
Type of Incident: Teacher Arrested for Child Abuse
Date and Time of Incident: 4/25/23 Approximately 11:30 AM
Place of Occurrence: Mesa Middle School, Arroyo Grande
Victim Information: 13-year-old female
Suspect Information: Sarah Watts, 42, Pismo Beach
Details of News Release: On 4-25-23 the Sheriff's Office received a report of a battery against a Mesa Middle School student by a teacher. The 13-year-old student was in class when a teacher, 42-year-old Sarah Watts, reportedly came over and pulled a hairbrush from the students hand leaving visible injuries on the student. A few minutes later Watts reportedly began throwing papers at students causing the same student to sustain an additional injury, a cut to her temple. Watts was arrested by Sheriff's Detectives for child abuse under California Penal Code 273d(a), and is being booked at the San Luis Obispo County Jail. The Sheriff's Office is working with the Lucia Mar Unified School District on this investigation. There is no on-going threat to students, staff, or the community at this time.

Prepared By: gnorris
Released: Tuesday 04/25/2023 5:49 PM