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Thursday 04/13/2017 3:59 PM - Inmate Death

Contact: Tony Cipolla
Phone: (805) 781-4547
Type of Incident: Inmate Death
Date and Time of Incident: 4-13-17, Approximately 3:50 AM
Place of Occurrence: County Jail
Victim Information: 60-year-old male
Suspect Information: N/A
Details of News Release: On 4-13-17, at approximately 2:03 AM an inmate at the County Jail complained of shoulder pain. At that time he was seen by a nurse who checked all vital signs. The inmate was allowed to return to his bed, which is housed in a dorm setting of the Jail with 65 other inmates with a lower-level security classification. Correctional Deputies performed the standard observation check of the inmates every 30 minutes. At approximately 3:15 AM, a Correctional Deputy checked on the inmate because he noticed the inmate had an irregular breathing pattern and was not being responsive. Correctional Deputies immediately began emergency lifesaving measures, including CPR and the use of an automatic electronic defibrillator (AED). As Correctional Deputies administered aid, an ambulance arrived and paramedics took over the life saving measures, but they were unable to revive him. Identification of the inmate is pending notification of next of kin. No foul play is suspected. In an effort to be open and transparent, Sheriff Parkinson has requested the DA's Office to conduct the investigation into this matter. No further information is available at this time.

Prepared By: tcipolla
Released: Thursday 04/13/2017 4:00 PM