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Monday 07/02/2018 5:04 PM - Burglary

Contact: Rex Reece
Phone: (805) 781-4500
Type of Incident: Burglary
Date and Time of Incident: 06/25/2018 @ Approximately 6:00 pm
Place of Occurrence: 12000 Block of Davenport Drive, Santa Margarita (California Valley)
Victim Information: Not released
Suspect Information: Daniel Donald Becker DOB: 07/06/1975 arrested for multiple charges.
Details of News Release: On 06/25/2018 at approximately 6:00 pm a Deputy was dispatched to handle a residential burglary report where the victim felt that a neighbor may have been involved. The victim felt the neighbor was possibly involved due to past issues with him and the fact that the residence was unoccupied for less than a half-hour. He pointed out the neighbor's residence to the Deputy which was approximately 1/4 mile away. After the Deputy processed the scene for evidence it was determined that 2 firearms, a tablet, and misc. items were taken in the burglary. The Deputy contacted the "Resident Deputy" for that area to inquire whether he knew the name of the possible suspect. He did and provided historical information to the Deputy. The "Resident Deputy" program again proved it's value in this investigation. Sheriff Parkinson feels it is imperative to have Deputies in the rural areas assigned as "Resident Deputies" due to geographical challenges of our large county. This case is a great example of how the program was utilized to solve a crime very fast with one phone call. The original Deputy responded to the suspect's residence where he was able to make verbal contact with the suspect. He was holding one of the described pieces of stolen property while he was inside a fenced in area with several dogs. The suspect would not exit the property. It was determined due to the hour the case would be followed up by the Detective Division the following day during daylight hours. Detectives wrote a Ramey Warrant for the subject and a Search Warrant for the suspect's property. A plan was formulated utilizing the "Resident Deputy's " knowledge of the suspect and property. The suspect was taken into custody by the "Resident Deputy"without incident. All the stolen property was recovered during the warrant service. Daniel Donald Becker DOB: 07/06/1975, Santa Margarita was arrested for PC 496 Possession of Stolen Property, PC 29800 (A)(1) Felon/Addict poss. Firearm. A misdemeanor arrest warrant out of Santa Barbara County. Additional Charge of Burglary was also requested in the District Attorney Filing.

Prepared By: rreece
Released: Monday 07/02/2018 5:04 PM