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Monday 04/10/2017 10:42 PM - Vehicle Pursuit

Contact: Sergeant A. Perry
Phone: (805) 781-4529
Type of Incident: Vehicle Pursuit
Date and Time of Incident: 04-10-17 7:03 PM
Place of Occurrence: Northbound Hwy 101 at Del Rio Road, Atascadero
Victim Information: Not Applicable
Suspect Information: James Roy Bigrigg, 40 years old of Paso Robles
Details of News Release: On 04-10-17 at 7:03 PM, Sheriff's deputies attempted to stop a vehicle for an equipment violation on northbound Highway 101 at Del Rio Road in Atascadero. The vehicle failed to yield to red lights and siren and a vehicle pursuit was initiated. After approximately two minutes, Sheriff's deputies discontinued pursuit and the suspect vehicle information was relayed to the California Highway Patrol. Due to the vehicle driving at legal freeway speed, deputies followed the vehicle to San Miguel where all law enforcement apprehension efforts ceased as the vehicle continued N/B on Hwy 101 towards Monterey County. Shortly thereafter, a Monterey County CHP unit picked up the vehicle while N/B Hwy 101 and attempted a traffic stop, a failure to yield again occurred, and CHP initiated a separate pursuit of the same vehicle. The vehicle subsequently turned around and continued its failure to yield southbound Hwy 101 where Templeton CHP units intercepted the pursuit and assisted their Monterey County unit. The vehicle then proceeded eastbound on Hwy 46 east until CHP deployed a spike strip at Hwy 46E near Geneseo Road, disabling all four suspect vehicle tires at 7:58PM and resulting in pursuit termination at Hwy 46E and Whitley Gardens Drive. The vehicle's driver, James Roy Bigrigg, 40 years old of Paso Robles, was taken into custody following discovery of a no-bail felony warrant for his arrest. Bigrigg was also arrested for VC 2800.1(a)/ failure to yield (misdemeanor), VC 14601.2(a)/driving on a driver's license suspended for DUI, and HS 11364(a)/possession of drug paraphernalia and booked into San Luis Obispo County Jail without incident. The vehicle's passenger, a 44 year old female from San Miguel, was identified and released from the scene without charges. CHP completed their own investigation of Bigriggs' driving violations and will file separate charges for failure to yield to their agency's authority to stop.

Prepared By: scodom
Released: Monday 04/10/2017 10:42 PM