Contact Jail Health


What do I do if my arrested Loved One requires medication?

You may fill out the Inmate Medication Form for submittal to the agency holding your Loved One.


What do I do if my arrested Loved One has mental health needs?

Find here a Step by Step Guide to help families cope with the mental health/criminal justice systems in San Luis Obispo County when a family member is arrested with mental health needs.


What do I do if I have urgent information?

If this is an emergency, please dial 9-1-1. If you want to leave a message with urgent information, please call 1-(805) 781-4600 and once you hear the voice tree, press "5-5-0" to speak to a Correctional Staff member on duty. Please submit an Inmate Medication Form as well (found above).


Who provides health care inside the jail?

Our Jail Health Unit consists of a team of medical, mental health, and administrative professionals from a national correctional health care provider, Wellpath. As of February 1st, 2019, Wellpath was contracted by the County to provide all health services for patients in the County jail. Two Sheriff’s Office employees, a Chief Medical Officer and a Jail Health Administrative Services Officer, oversee all health/patient care and manage the administration of the health care contract within the jail.


I have important health information about my loved one. How do I contact Jail health staff?

The Jail Health Contact Form is very helpful for the Jail Health Unit. Information from friends, family, or community members such as previous medications, diagnosis, psychiatric/psychological history, known general or medication allergies, recent hospitalizations, and whether suicide is a concern, is invaluable when ensuring the best possible care for a patient.

*For any emergency for someone in custody, please immediately contact an on-duty sergeant: 1 (805) 781-4600 and press 5-5-0.


How do I request my or someone else’s medical records?

Please note: If an inmate is still in custody, we are not permitted to release any medical records to that inmate without a subpoena. Please see below for more details.


Medical Records:

02/01/2019 – Present: Electronic Medical Records (CorEMR)
10/2017 – 01/31/2019: Electronic Medical Records (Centricity)
Before 10/2017: Paper Records


For medical records before February 1 2019, please click here to fill out the San Luis Obispo County Health Agency ROI.

For medical records after February 1 2019, please click here to fill out Wellpath’s ROI.

If needing records for before and after February 2019, please fill out both forms.


Fax: 1-805-781-5432 or Mail to:


Attn: Wellpath and/or Jail Health Medical Records
1585 Kansas Avenue
San Luis Obispo, CA  93405 


Why do I need to fill out a Release of Information (ROI) at all?

This is due to the privacy laws defined by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. Patients are required to give permission to have their health information shared, except in special circumstances.


Does it cost anything to obtain my medical records? When will I receive my records once I requested them?

There are no fees for obtaining San Luis Obispo County Jail medical records. If you would like to obtain Wellpath records, the fees are $0.25 per page up to a maximum of $15.00. There are no fees for providers requesting medical records. Once the request is received, we have 15 days to respond with medical records.


Why can’t I receive medical records for an inmate that is still in custody? Why do I need a subpoena?

Our Sheriff’s Office Custody policy prohibits inmates from having their own medical records while in jail. This is because of safety and privacy concerns. For example, an inmate may be at risk for their protected health information being exposed or discovered by other inmates if they are kept by the inmate in their cell. Additionally, inmates or neighboring inmates, cannot be aware of the locations, dates, and times, of their own or other inmates’ future medical appointments, which are documented in medical records.

A subpoena ensures the medical records are routed directly to the courts.


Where should I send a subpoena for medical records?

Send by mail to:

Attn: Jail Health Medical Records
1585 Kansas Avenue
San Luis Obispo, CA  93405


I have medical and/or mental health records I think the Jail Health Unit should have or would find useful, where/how can I send them?

Send by mail to:

Attn: Wellpath Medical Records
1585 Kansas Avenue
San Luis Obispo, CA  93405


For more expedient receival, fax it to 1-805-781-5342.