Frequently Asked Questions
How do I get a copy of a crime report? Contact the Records Unit at (805) 781-4140.  There is no fee, and these requests are generally processed within 10 days.  Due to legal restrictions, reports may be redacted.
How do I get a good conduct or clearance letter? These letters are provided as part of a background check for entering another country, for international adoptions, and for Mexican hunting permits.  Contact the Records Unit at (805) 781-4140.
How do I find out if I have  a warrant? Contact the Records and Warrants Unit at (805) 781-4588.  Limited information (such as the charges, bail amount, issuing agency, etc.) on adult warrants is generally available.
How do I take care of a warrant? Most warrants can be taken care of with the assistance of a bail bondsman, by surrendering to the Sheriff’s Office, or by contacting the court.  If you have any questions about whether or not the warrant should have been issued, contact the SLO Superior Court.
Where do I go for Live Scan fingerprinting required by my employer? Applicant fingerprinting is done at the Sheriff’s Office by appointment.  Call (805) 781-4575 to schedule an appointment.
How do I get a restraining order? Contact the SLO Superior Court at (805) 781-5423.
Can I get a copy of my rapsheet? You may get a copy of your local adult arrest information (arrests made by the Sheriff's Office) by contacting the Records and Warrants Unit at (805) 781-4140.  Your state rapsheet is obtained from the Calif. Dept of Justice.
How do I get an application for a concealed weapons permit? Download, read, and complete the following three documents: CCW Application Instructions, Policy Regarding Issuance, CCW Application. Read all information thoroughly and complete entire application.
How can I get crime statistics? Contact the Records Manager at (805) 781-4570.
Where can I find the disposition of a criminal case? Depending on the type of case, this information may be available from the Sheriff's Office's Records Unit if the case was not submitted for prosecution, or you may need to contact one or more of the following:
Superior Court (805) 781-5670
District Attorney’s Office (805) 781-5800
Probation Dept. (805) 781-5300
How can I find out why a deputy was here or in my neighborhood recently? The Records Unit may be able to locate that information, or you may need to contact the appropriate patrol station.
How can I check my court appearance date? You can contact SLO Superior Court or check their website at
Can I add something or have something changed in my report? Supplemental information should be provided to the patrol station or to the deputy who took your report.