Divisions & Units
Support Services

Support Services consists of three distinct service areas; Records and Warrants, Administrative Services and Human Resources. Each unit is responsible for specific functions dealing with the support and maintenance of the Sheriff’s Office.

Records & Warrants
The Records and Warrants Unit processes and maintains San Luis Obispo County’s warrants and criminal records. Associated duties include the coordination of extraditions, registering sex/drug/arson/gang offenders, processing concealed weapons permit applications, validating documents for the Department of Justice, fingerprinting applicants, and responding to requests from allied agencies and members of the public relating to the release of crime reports. For further information please call (805) 781-4588.

Admin Services
Administrative Services deal with risk management assessment, handles worker compensation matters and processes employee involved vehicle accidents and industrial injury reports. The Unit also has responsibility over Property and Training.

Property Unit Members of the Property Unit are responsible for the safe and secure storage, record keeping and disposition of property and evidence submitted to them by the Sheriff’s Office and Narcotics Task Force. Property is stored for a variety of reasons including found, recovered, evidence, and safekeeping. Inquiries may be made at (805) 781-4533 to receive information about retrieving property.

Training Unit The Training Unit for the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office develops and presents current, realistic training for sworn peace officers, correctional staff, and civilian employees to enhance work proficiency and professional skills.

Human Resources
Human Resources coordinate the recruitment and screening of applicants, which include conducting background investigations. The unit has the responsibility of processing the required paperwork on all new hires and maintaining personnel files on over 400 active employees. The unit also maintains backgrounds, internal affairs, and separated employee files.